Mojitos + Piña Coladas

7:17 PM

There's nothing like counting down the days to a vacation and slowly letting go of all the stress and demands of your day-to-day work week. I took a trip down to Cuba with Daniel and my family this past August and we did exactly that--stepped back and relaxed for an entire week. I had never done a one-week, all inclusive resort kind of trip before and I must say I was really impressed with the value for money that that kind of trip entails. For roughly $800 per person, we had a direct flight, 7 night stay at a 4-star hotel, all you can eat and drink, pool side bar, access to a variety of restaurants, short walk to a private beach. all-day entertainment and equipment rentals. It was so much fun! After breakfast we would head to the beach early enough to grab beach chairs and alternate between tanning and swimming in the ocean. Once the unbearable midday sun sprung up we would switch to the pool for drinks under the bar and then go back to try and catch the sunset (which was always extremely cloudy unfortunately!).

It only makes sense that as an affordable, all inclusive resort, not everything is to the highest quality and I found that especially true with the bar and so I mustered a fool-proof plan to minimize disappointment. We tried as many different drinks as we saw in the first day and concluded that the syrup-y drinks tasted awful but the beers and mojitos were on point. And there you have it: find what you like and stick with it. Another relatively annoying aspect was that while there was wifi, you had to pay for it per hour and was only available at the lobby and not in your room. It was good in the sense that being disconnected made it easier to not think about the real world, but it also meant I had to pre-edit all my pictures and then mass upload to instagram.

We did so many fun activities like snorkeling in middle of the ocean, sail on a catamaran, shoot targets (terribly, on my part) and participate in various games by the pool for a chance to win bottles of rum- which my MOM won actually! We also took a trip down to the city of Varadero which was a very cute small town filled with gift shops and old cars and we had great authentic Cuban meals in various restaurants. We also took a one-day, private guided tour in Havana, (which I will feature as its own post very soon) and on our way there we took a pit stop at Puente de Bacunayagua where we had the best Piña Colada in Cuba, and I must say, it definitely lived up to its reputation!

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