Havana (& Heat Exhaustion)

6:24 PM

I've always prided myself in being Brazilian and having lived there for the beginning years of my life, and although I will always be that culturally, my body is straight up Canadian. Spending the day in Havana only affirmed this sad, sad truth. I guess 14 years of having the privilege of air conditioning at home, school, stores etc has poorly conditioned my body into not having to try so hard to adjust to extreme temperatures. This theory would explain why my body failed miserably to keep its chill-literally-in the humid Havana heat. I don't think I lasted thirty minutes walking around before the perspiration got REAL and melted all of my mascara/eyeliner into my eyeballs for what was both the most disgusting and aggressively painful experiences of the trip. By this point I was a charming mixture of sweat, tears, and dizziness stumbling on the cobble-stone begging for water. We were finally able to buy a bottle and ask the kind salesman for an accompanying napkin for ze' crying girl and it was all uphill from there. Stay hydrated, kids. And don't wear makeup in Cuba. 

Aside from wishing I was being rolled around the city inside a freezer on wheels, Havana was really beautiful. We had lunch east of the Fortress, and beautiful place called Hostal El Cañonazo. The food and atmosphere was seriously so good, I definitely recommend it. It was also around there where we saw the world's largest cigar and were lucky enough to meet the man whose life work is to roll record-breaking long cigars--and then got to pick some up to take home ourselves. 

The city, and Cuba itself, has a lot of history and culture that is portrayed throughout its streets, colorful buildings, old-fashioned cars and people. It really did feel as if you were travelling back in time, as they say.

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