Treat Yo Self 3

11:50 AM

Earlier in July Daniel & I celebrated our third annual #TreatYoSelf day in Toronto. Our anniversaries are now always #TreatYoSelf days ever since our first date doing it. If you're unfamiliar with the TV show Parks & Recreation, Treat Yo Self day is the one day of the year where two of the show's characters devout themselves to buying and "treating" themselves to anything they want...massages, spas, name it. This year was no different! We reserved a room a the Thompson Toronto downtown and had an amazing time. We were given a cute Happy Anniversary note with a free bottle of wine and I must say it was one of the nicest hotels I've ever been to. From the floor to ceiling windows, room service and infinity pool, it was nice to live in luxury for a weekend!

The day didn't end there, we walked around queen street and Graffiti Alley to see if any new walls were up, ate at this amazing German place called wvrst and made our very own 3D printed "self-traits"!!!! If you don't know what that is....stay tuned as I'll be making a separate post about it!

Life has finally slowed down for me and I'm heading back to university after 16 months of internship to finish my last year of my degree! I'll have a much less busy weekly schedule and I'm really going to try and catch up on posts as much as possible--I have TONS of photos from trips on exchange I haven't even gotten to edit yet, but I'm ready to jump back into this with full-force.

See you soon!

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