Two must-eats in Paris!

3:15 PM

Play on words, "Dans quel monde vit t'on?" = "In what world are you living?"

1. Macarons
Nowadays these are becoming more and more attainable worldwide, but seeing as they are a french delicacy it's a no-brainer that you must eat them whilst visiting Paris! In Lille I've tried macarons from Paul and Patrick Hermand but it was my first time trying the infamous Ladurée. We decided to go all out and sit in the fancy restaurant where I just ordered a plate of 4 macarons and a strawberry tea (I had read online that Ladurée teas were the best--and truly it was) and Daniel got a really cool ice-cream plate that had ice-cream filled macarons instead of the normal macaron filling, and it was delicious! It was all a very cute, instagram-worthy experience but it did come with a price (~35€) but this was the one thing I really wanted to treat myself to so it was all worth it and super yummy. I did some research online and found mixed views on whether Ladurée or Pierre Hermé had the best macarons and so naturally I bought a few there too and they were excellent! Pierre Hermé are definitely less "chewy" than Ladurée, but Ladurée has a more extensive range of flavours, which I love. I'm really no pastry expert and would happily buy from any of these shops again!

2. Frog Legs
I know how this sounds, and believe me I was very hesitant at first to even consider having it for dinner but online reviews seemed very positive and I've somehow developed this you are in Europe, try new things attitude towards a lot of new foods. I was always a VERY picky-eater but to my mom's disbelief it has really improved a heck of a lot since I've been in France. Sometimes I think the big factor that drives these crazy ideas is that it would make a cool insta pic or blog post, which is kind of a really terrible reason to do things but hey, I'm cultured now. Daniel found this place called La Grenouille through google on a whim and we just screenshotted google maps and set off to find it, no reservations. It was all decorated with frogs and had a nice rustic, antique-y vibe about it. The waiter spoke english and walked us first-timers through the menu and I ended up going for frog legs with a rosé sauce, and Daniel chose the traditional garlic seasoning. I think we both agreed that my rosé was better but overall frog legs tasted great! It was just like eating tiny chicken wings, if you can get the image of a frog out of your head as you take the first bite!

Have you ever had either? Let me know :) I also included some Paris street art which is something that really intrigues me when I visit new cities. Most people tend to overlook them but some are really beautiful and can convey important messages.

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  1. Jealous! I wish I was in Paris as of right now *envious*.

    As for Macarons, I can't say I am a big fan. I mean, maybe I just haven't tried the "right" one yet. Maybe I need to try others and it may change my opinion on them.

    Frog legs doesn't sound appealing, you're right, but like they say "don't knock them until you try them!"

    Haha. Sounds like you're having a great time. :)

    Naturally Jes

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and I think I've fallen a little bit in love with your beautiful pictures and the pretty places you've been to; really lovely! :)

  3. Your blog is lovely! Can't wait to read more of your french adventures!

    xo Danica

  4. haha I think it's good that you're pushing yourself and trying new things, no matter the reason! xx


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