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One cannot visit Paris and not make the trip to the Palace of Versailles. It was built in 1682 and truly fit for a king. Every corner of every corridor, wall, ceiling, door--even piece of furniture--is incredibly detailed. Everywhere you turn you'll see beautiful pieces of marble, elegant fabrics, and remarkable pieces of art, ranging from portraits to sculptures and huge ceiling-wide paintings. What is great about a visit to Versailles is that the audio guide is included with the admission and so every room you enter has its own clip, pointing out important features, explaining what certain paintings are depicting, etc. I've been to quite a few museums and audio-guides usually aren't included so for someone who would probably opt to save a few bucks it's a little something that I think everyone appreciates and is a great way to learn about French history.

The Jardin (garden) is probably my favourite part of the palace. The trip photographed above was in October and I went to Versailles again during the holidays when my parents visited and during my high school trip, so that makes three visits to Versailles and I have yet to explore the garden entirely. It's just so massive and symmetrical and beautiful. Like a maze, but one that goes on for (what feels like) kilometres. If the opportunity were to arise for me to visit Versailles again I don't think I'd pay to see the museum, instead just walk the gardens for hours and hours. There's even Marie Antoinette's Estate hidden in there! So amazing. Have you been to Versailles? What did you like most?

- Lu

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  1. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been!
    I had to put on Brooke Fraser when I saw this! haha


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