Maurauders in Milan

9:54 AM

This weekend me and my friends from McMaster Angela, Sam and Salma (who's currently on exchange in Durham, England) all met up in Milan, Italy! Aside from Salma, we're all studying in Lille and so together we got on our shuttle to Brussels Charleroi airport at 3AM to arrive in time for our 6AM flight to Milan, As we were boarding it started to snow and the captain informed us that we needed to wait for the weather to clear up so that we could get on the runway. Four hours later, still sitting on the plane in Brussels and we are told to unboard and wait at the terminal for further instructions. Only two hours later was an announcement made that our flight was postponed to 2:30PM. Safe to say that with all of this happening we had no sleep--more like many sets of 30 minute naps in uncomfortable positions. All because of a few centimetres of snow. Very difficult for us Canadians to look outside and see barely any snow and accept it as "bad weather conditions".

But eventually our flight did depart and before we knew it were landing! The view of the mountains from the plane was amazing. From the airport we took a shuttle to Milan central station and then a taxi to our apartment, which turned out to be such a cute little place with a courtyard and balconies that faced all the other apartments and a beautiful view of the stars at night. The apartment we found through which I 100% recommend. It's easy to use and has repeatedly proven to have great deals when Airbnb happens to maybe not have many options in a certain city or isn't the cheapest. Always check both! The owner showed us all the keys and walked us down the street to show us the nearest supermarket and where we could find some local restaurants and the tram stop.

After settling in we went out in search of a standard Italian meal and walked past this place called "Astoria" which was packed with people and looked rather fancy. We were impressed with the menu, walked in and although we had to wait 20 minutes for a table I'd say it was well worth it. I myself had a pizza for only 6.50€ and it was definitely a large pizza at least by my standards. It was so good but I couldn't finish and unfortunately I don't think wrapping up left overs to go is a thing because the waitress just took it away but I should've asked. We also go some wine! For some reason I always end up being the person the waiter picks to "approve" the wine and I think I'm getting quite good at pretending I know what I'm doing whilst I swirl the glass. We were there for 3 hours! They're not lying when they say Italians have long meals.

After the restaurant we went to the groceries and bought some baguette, cheese and meat for snack sandwiches and some more wine. We had some drinks at our apartment whilst getting ready and headed out to Corso Como, an area with bars and clubs and found ourselves at Loolapaloosa until 6AM. It was so much fun! For a change the bartenders were extremely friendly and looked like they were having just as much fun as everyone else dancing.

We allowed ourselves to sleep for 4 hours and then left to seize the day! We had breakfast near the centre and spent a good 30 minutes at the Duomo taking pictures and trying to avoid the annoying Italian beggars. One man came up to us, called us each beautiful and then asked us for an euro, as if we would pay him for a compliment hahaha. I really do have nothing against beggars, I know some people truly need the money but these men just had an obvious skeezy air about them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's experienced this!!

We then walked around for the rest of the day, passing by Milan castle and the galleries, where we ate some amazing pasta and lasagna. Because of the 8 hour delay on saturday, we ended up missing an entire day in Milan but I left happy with what we were able to see that day! Sunday night we went to Corso Como again, this time to a different club but didn't sty out as late. We're still not sure if the club was bad, we were tired or if it was just because it was a Sunday that we didn't really enjoy it as such as the night before. The next morning we woke up packed and left to the airport! I'm now back in Lille and excited to say that I'm off to Alicante, Spain next weekend! Stay tuned for more pictures.

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  1. Wait! I was like is that Salma?! and then I read and it was! I didn't realise you guys were real life friends :D yay!

    Ahh Duomo is like a dream destination of mine. It looks beautiful Luana, I hope you're continuing to have an amazing time :) x

    1. Yes!!!! :D Salma and I go to the same university in Canada and we finally got to meet up in Italy after over 6 months of not seeing her :D So nice. Thank you! It was such a beautiful sight to see!! x


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