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3:38 PM

Well hello there! I know it's been awhile but the last couple of weeks have been quite busy! Had exams mid-December and then my family visited me for the Holidays, during which we went on quite an amazing mini Europe trip and then with the new year came the process of applying for internships (which is still on going)! It's all passed so quickly I'd genuinely be laying in bed thinking "tomorrow I'll make a blog post!" nearly every night but alas, here I am. I won't go on too much as I've got an abundance of photos to share with you of what I've been doing whilst not posting on here.

Above are photos of when Daniel and I first arrived in Paris--our first stop in our trip. We found this amazing Airbnb studio 2 minute walking distance from the Louvre and it was an amazing location, not to mention great price (35/night) I highly, highly recommend considering Airbnb when looking at cities to visit in Europe. We got a really great feel of the romantic city and spent 4 nights, if I recall correctly. These photos are probably my favourite of the entire trip but all the credit goes to Daniel for adjusting my camera's settings to be able to capture the Louvre so beautifully at night. 

Many many more to come, I promise! And thank you to everyone who still follows my blog and asked about my posts. 

                                                                          à bientôt!

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  1. how did I not see your blog in my bloglovin feed until now?? Like seriously. You have a gorgeous little blog, and.. France. <3 Haha, I'm a Frenchie so I can't help but swoon. Never been there, (yet) but my family is French. Anyway, your photos are lovely, you're so pretty, girl. I also totally agree with the baguette a day philosophy. (; Anyway, good to 'meet you'-- I'm Kate

    1. Hi Katie!! You are too kind, thank you :D Ahh you should definitely visit one day! It's so beautiful. Ps: you got yourself a new follower ;)

    2. I definitely plan on visiting! It sounds absolutely spectacular. And thanks so much for following me! (:

  2. Beautiful shots!
    I've heard so much about airbnb from friends too! And 35 Euros a night sounds like an awesome deal for in Paris!


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