C'est Magique!

4:24 PM

Growing up is stressful, but that's no news to any of you. It's really nice to visit a place like Disneyland where just scanning your tickets at the entrance already places a permanent smile on your face. Angela and I went to Disneyland Paris and had a blast getting lost in Alice's maze and meeting Mickey Mouse! You are never too old for Disney! Even if the average population is 3 year old princesses and their parents. We had so much fun! The entire park was decorated in a Fall/Halloween theme which was perfect since it was actually Canadian Thanksgiving back home. Seeing Peter Pan and Ariel almost made up for missing out on family and a nice turkey dinner. Almost. It was just really lovely! One of us may or may not have shed tears during the parade, but I won't name names... 

If you have never been to Disney I so recommend it! I went to Disney world in Orlando when I was 17 I think, and if you have the option of choosing I would definitely recommend the one in the States over Paris, as it's bigger and has more parks, however, if you happen to be in Paris, Disneyland is always a good idea.

(PS: my blog post have seriously been lacking as I had my boyfriend visit and we went on a huge Europe trip! But, this means that I have two SD cards full of photos and many posts in the works, so look out!!)

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