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It's quite hard to encompass Brussels in a title. I could have gone on: & Fries & Beer & Tintin. This was the second time I've visited Brussels (I went in 2012 as part of my high school grad trip) and so I resisted the urge to frantically photograph every part of our day. I had such a lovely day, it was just my roommate Angela and I which was nice because decision making is definitely a lot easier with just two people and we managed to pretty much see all of Brussels with time to spare (which was of course used to sit outside Häagen-Dazs and satisfy our sweet tooth) 

We spent the morning wandering around the Grand Place, searching for the perfect postcards and made the wise decision to stop by their tourism office to purchase a later much appreciated map of the city! I definitely recommend picking up a map to any future visitors of Brussels; the streets are all very short and curved and made it quite difficult to navigate to a destination. Canada is getting major points from me for its parallel/perpendicular planning. With the map we were able to find the always-charming Manneken-Pis, the Royal Palace, Warandepark, and the Belgian Comic Strip Center! I took the opportunity and bought a Tintin comic book to add to my french reading list and I'm so excited to read it! Tintin was always around back in elementary school french classes and I look forward to reliving his adventures now that I can actually comprehend French.

We definitely entered every chocolatier at least twice, drooling over everything. I ended up filling a box of chocolates at La Belgique Gourmande all for myself and can shamelessly say that it lasted me no more than 3 days. As a very serious and committed chocolate lover, Belgium is my paradise. I already have plans to go back during a backpacking trip I've been planning over the fall break and so I'm looking forward to returning and buying some chocolate from other chocolate shops I had my eyes on. 

Lunch consisted of classic and delicious Belgian "Frites" and we later made our way to a restaurant called A La Bécasse as recommended by our bus driver to drink some traditional Timmermans White Lambic beer. It had a fruity taste and was probably the best beer I've ever tried! It was served in a traditional jug and overall it was an amazing atmosphere, definitely a must-do! 

One thing I missed but look forward to seeing next time I visit is the René Magritte museum! He is one artist who's work really intrigues me and I'm excited to be able to see his art in person. I think it's an entirely different experience to enter a museum in which you already admire the art beforehand. I've seen the Mona Lisa in the Louvre which was so cool, but looking back at myself in that time, I really didn't appreciate all the other art displayed there much due to the fact that I wasn't previously exposed to much art at all. There is just so much for me to learn and I can't wait! Another huge one I'm planning a visit to is the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. 

As always, thank you for reading and check back to see where I head off to next! 

                                                                                    à bientôt!

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  1. It's so exciting to see all the things you are getting up to! It looks like you're having so much fun :) Also I have chocolate envy right now haha sounds delicious! x


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