Past week, Through an iPhone lens

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I feel as if my last post was filled with a lot of information and a lack of pictures (which I personally find essential in a good blog post). So i'm making this post to throw a mixed variety of iPhone photos i've taken in the week i've been in France. In all honesty, as I looked through my phone I realized I really haven't taken many photos at all. Or at least not enough of one day's activities to dedicate an entire post on. I will hereby make more of an effort to do so and actually remember to put my camera in my bag--in fact i'm going to do that right now!! I think a big reason as to why i've not been snapping away at every second is because I know i'll be here for 10 months and so i'm all "i'll have plenty of time to take photos" blah blah. I notice all my posts have had excuses in them. I'll make an effort to stop that. Ha.

I've met so many people! Even more since the last time I've posted. I'm actually pretty impressed with the Welcome Week plans my school has organized which included a city bus tour, parties, a football tournament (that i partook in!), and a dinner at a restaurant. The welcoming committee will also be organizing trips to Brussels and Amsterdam which i'll be more than happy to attend if it works with my calendar. I finally got my metro pass today so I can take all modes of public transport as I please until June! Tomorrow Angelique arrives and i'm so excited! There's so many things to show her and many more that I have yet to explore myself. This weekend is the Braderie de Lille market and it's supposed to be one of the biggest and most well-known events in Europe and i'm stoked to be living so near it!

I think i'll end things here! Stay tuned for more French adventures.

                                                                             á bientôt!

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