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2:06 PM

Angela finally arrived!! First thing we did was a much needed trip to Carrefour, the grocery store, and I stopped by a local bakery to buy my very first baguette!!! It was literally fresh off the oven and only 0.80 cents!! I'm all ready to have a fabulous breakfast tomorrow. It's technically the first whole baguette i've bought myself, however the past week i've been eating out a lot and have consumed various baguette sandwiches. I'm so ready to gain 20 pounds. 

We had dinner at a little bistro type restaurant in the city center. I opted for a tuna baguette and it was really good HOWEVER, the whole experience was so embarrassing and hilarious. When the waitress first brought them to us we ate them with our hands like we're used to in Canada, but then I noticed we were given a fork, knife and a cutting board and we were like WAIT should we be cutting this up???? what do we even use the fork for??? We literally felt so confused and embarrassed and uncultured. To help, we were the only ones eating a baguette and so we had no one to look over at for reference. Angela actually managed to cut hers decently but mine just looked like a disaster and I had tuna falling all over the place...I didn't know if it was better to keep making a mess out of slicing it or just give up and eat it with my hands. SIGH. It was all just really amusing to us in the end. We lived. I feel like a lot of instances like these are bound to happen in the next coming weeks as we try and adapt to this new culture.

We then just took it upon ourselves to walk around, map-less, and explored as many roads as we could. We would just take a peak at streets and be like "ooooh that looks so pretty let's walk that way" and through that very reliable and strategic system we did a decent amount of exploring and were actually able to find our way back to the start! The city is so beautiful! I feel like there is still so much for us too see and go do! I can't wait to do it all!!

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  1. I'm smiling so hard at my desk reading this. It sounds so beautiful and exciting and goddd I'm in love with (what i've seen so far) of Lille! I'm so happy for you and Angelique lulu!!

  2. Thank you! I'm loving every minute!


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