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4:52 AM

Hallo lezers!
Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity of getting to spend the day in Amsterdam! Myself and a group of friends were able to get a roundtrip bus for only 25€ and I think it was honestly my favourite city I've ever visited. I know it's very early into my exchange but I definitely am making plans to go back! We woke up at 4 am, hopped on our bus at 6 for a 3 hour journey to Amsterdam and had 10 hours to roam free and explore. We had breakfast at a cute little restaurant by a canal and it was so beautiful. Amsterdam seems like a whole different world. What really intrigued me was how many bicycles there were! I had seen a youtube video in the past about Amsterdam and its bikes but it was so crazy to actually see it in person. We were told that bikes had the right of way and pedestrians had to be careful as cyclists don't break for anyone, and it was very hard to break our normal habits. We cause a lot of ruckus accidentally. By instinct, we always checked the road for cars before we crossed but always managed to see through the bikes and then scurry away saying "sorry! sorry! sorry!" The system really is amazing though. There were more bikes than cars. Bikes were parked in every available fence, bridge, post, tree...anywhere a bike could be leaned against. It's just so efficient and healthy and great for the environment! Hopefully more cities can eventually adapt this system.

We walked through the beautiful flower market and I wanted to buy tulip bulbs however they need to be planted in October and I won't be home until May. I really enjoyed not having an itinerary and just seeing where our feet took us. We of course made effort to find the I Amsterdam letters in Museumplein and walked past the Van Gogh museum. We decided to save museums for the next trip and Van Gogh is definitely one I'd like to see in the future!

Amsterdam was just a very cute city, there was always something interesting to look at at every corner and I tried to capture as much as I could. We did go see the red light district, however because our bus back left at 8 we didn't quite get to see it at night and so I think we definitely didn't get the full experience but it was still an interesting street to walk through.

I think the photos speak for themselves and I'm very glad I remembered to bring my camera and so these photos are thankfully not from my iPhone and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

We have no set plans about our next trip but we are currently in talks about going to Disneyland, Bruges or Paris...Let's see where life take me next!

à bientôt!

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