A little update

7:31 AM

I'm currently having major struggles in the computer lab at my school. I'm probably typing like 10 wpm as these keyboards aren't QWERTY!!! It's actually so difficult. I have to press shift to use a period and the apostrophe is in the number 4 key and I may just give up on this post.

My school is kind of very disorganized in its communication and I got an email that my french class started at 3:30 only to arrive and be told it was a mistake and that it actually starts at 5. BUT that hardly bothered me as I found out I got placed in advanced french and I am so so happy! That's all I wanted!

This a sort of very brief entry as I kill time before class but tonight I will post a massive, photo-filled post all about my adventures at La Braderie de Lille! It was absolutely crazy filled with people and I found so many great sales that i'm seriously considering filming a haul video! Should I? Let me know!

I'll keep this breif but expect a better post later today!

                                                                        à bientôt!

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