Where in the world is LU?

1:23 PM

BOY it's been a while. I'm currently typing this from my bedroom in France, where I live now. Yeah, That whole thing I couldn't stop worrying about worked itself out and here I am! Let me just get this out of the way and say that the most relevant excuse I can muster up to explain my absence is that I was in Brasil for six weeks this summer without my laptop and very limited access to wifi. Then I returned to Canada and used every bit of time I had to enjoy the people I love most before departing to France. For political reasons, Brasil wasn't nearly as lively and enthusiastic about the world cup as it's usually know for. However, I loved every bit of time I had with all my family there and I made so many amazing memories with some of my favourite people in the world! Ahhhh thinking about it just makes me happy.

And now to France! I arrived 2 days ago and I've already half-mastered the metro system. It's such a beautiful place, from the bits and pieces i've already explored. I've ventured by myself to the shopping centre and huge 'Carrefour' which is the equivalent of a walmart (except not as cheap) to buy the essential bedding, toiletries, cutlery, food etc. I've gone twice already only because I haven't got enough hands to do it all in one trip. The first time I really pushed my limits and lugged two huge reusable shopping bags along with my back pack filled with pots, pans, cups and every other heavy necessity all the way home. My apartment is just off the city and my room has its own bathroom and shower which is so so so great I really can't complain. Last night my two housemates took me out to a restaurant that served traditional plates of the north and we all had chicken with Maroilles cheese and it. was. so. good. I experienced a tad bit of embarrassment when I asked for a coke and the waiter replied with "we don't serve industrialized drinks" only beer crafted in the region. I was totally caught off guard, I mean, what restaurant doesn't have coke, or at least pepsi? Well, now I know to instead ask for their finest of beers on tap! Ha.

I feel like there is just so much to say! I forgot to even mention all the tears I shed the day I left at the airport...but I won't go into it, too emosh. My flight was awful and I hated the airline for charging me $8 on shitty headphones and I barely slept and next thing I knew I was at the Paris Charles de Gaulle and had to find my way to the train station to hop on the TGV for a quick 50 min ride (in which I slept) to the city station, to then hail a cab and not be able to find my house. The street I am in is right on the division of two cities and so my address technically exists in both and for a solid hour I thought I has been scammed and that this house I rented did not exist. Phew. Thankfully I had a paper with my landlord's number and I was able to call her from a pharmacy to pick me up and take me to this mystery house. (It was actually down the street, except both the building and the house # were painted white and I didn't see it). Anyway, crisis averted and now i'm all settled and excited and loving ma vie en France!

Today was my school's orientation and I've met people from so many places! Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, China, Finland...just to name a few. This whole next week is Welcome Week filled with events for all us newcomers and i'm excited to make new friends and see what this city had to show.

I think I will end this here, more frequent updates will definitely come in the next few weeks as I explore this city and as much of Europe as I can afford!

                                                                           à bientôt

Guarujá Beach, Brasil


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