Sweet Stress

1:08 PM

Took time to photograph a bit of the town i live in whilst awaiting my bus at  7 AM. It was so sunny and deserted. 

I'm currently in the most stressful in-between phase of my life. Except maybe puberty, ha. It is the lovely time of the year we all know as exam season and it's just killing me. Especially since spring has finally decided to make its appearance (23 degrees today!!) and i'm here trying to tie myself to a chair and resist the urge to just go for a long walk outside and never return. Exam season is stressful enough on any average end of term, but this one is especially stressful. As you may know, I'd like to very much go on an exchange to France next fall, however it is all dependent on my average. Exams are worth so much that even though i've been doing well on most courses throughout the term, there is still a lot of room for mess-ups. Knowing that every minute I don't allocate towards books can lead to France not happening is quite nerve wrecking and a great motivation all at once.

I spend the last few days at Daniel's and we were pretty productive which was good for us both. Exam time can get pretty boring and dull and it's good to have someone around to keep you  in check and coordinate breaks with. We  had a healthy dose of fast-foods, from swiss chalet delivery to 2 mcdonald's runs and a trip to bulk barn to buy some good snacks in bulk. He got an assortment of gummies and I opted for m&m's, dark buds and some plantain chips.

All in all a nice couple of days but I've yet to write an exam and so the stress is still very much present. My first one is tomorrow and my last is on the 29th so here's to the next 14 days! Hope everyone else's exams go well!

                                                                                               à bientôt!

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  1. Bulk Barn! I go to university in Montreal so I don't have access to a bulk barn which is so difficult during exam time :) Sweet blog and I hope your exams went well!


  2. Why havent I seen this until now? In love with the pictures!


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