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6:51 AM

Being in France for 8 months is going to be a huge transition from my life here in Canada but it's what I've been dreaming of since high school. I want to start creating a list of things I want to do while abroad to ensure I get the most out of my travelling experience and step out of my comfort zone!

Here it goes: 

1. Eat escargots!!!!
2. Cross Abbey Road
3. Visit Stonehenge
4. Have a pint at a pub in Ireland
5. Attend Oktoberfest
6. Watch a french movie in theaters
7. Master cobblestone in heels
8. Collect something from every city i visit (postcard, maybe?)
9. Write letters to loved ones back home
10. Keep a journal on hand at all times (for times without internet)
11. Spend an entire night walking around an European city
12. Take polaroid pictures with new friends (and let them caption it!)
13. Buy a fancy box of Laduree macarons 
14. Have a picnic under the Eiffel tower
15. Experience a football or rugby match 
16. Buy french books and french vinyls 
17. Find a carousel tin (like the one from Jeux d'Enfants)
18. Try a new food in every country
19. No sweatpants. Ever. 
20. Be bold with my outfits (buy unique pieces!)
21. Dine at a Bistro in Paris
22. Attend a music festival
23. Visit an outdoor street market
24. Get to know Lille well
25. Take a university course in French 
26. Make friends with people from at least 5 different countries
27. Eat good chocolate
28. Visit a garden

I will add to this list as I think of more ideas!

                                                                                      à bientôt!

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  1. Eat good chocolate! a haha Love it Lu!!

  2. A well-compiled bucket list indeed! I hope you manage to successfully tick off each in due time. :)


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